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Temple History

The temple management and affairs have been taken over by a new management committee under the chairmanship of Dato’ Nathan Suppiah since 2002. Following the establishment of the new office bearers and the board of trustees, the Sri Maha Mariamman temple had been given a new lease of life. The present temple is a properly registered temple sitting on its own piece of one (1) acre site.  The priority of the management committee when it took office was to make sure that the then unsafe  make shift temple was renovated  for  immediate use by the residents, employ a competent priest, water and electricity fixed, register the temple last but not the least is to finalize the land matter with the Selangor Government.  The temple has seen an increase in the number of  worshippers on all days.  On major festivals there is a record of more than 1000 devotees thronging the temple.

Now that all the basic matters for the temple are resolved the management committee is moving on to achieve its ultimate objective which is the construction of a proper temple facilities and a function hall. The building committee has already lodged the necessary plans for approval by the Majlis Perbandaran Shah Alam (MPSA) and they had been approved.  According to the plan, the new Sri Maha Mariamman temple will have a bigger prayer hall and will incorporate, among others sub-deities such as Dhurga Devi, Navakgiraga Peedam  etc.  Connecting to the temple is a multi-purpose hall which can be used for major religious festivals and functions. It will also have facilities for sports and recreations.  The total project cost can be anything between RM5 Million to RM6.5 Million. In this respect the project will be completed in two phases. The phase 1 is the temple which is estimated to cost about RM 3 Million up to consecration (Kumbaabishegam) of the temple.  The phase 1 of the project, provided all resources are in place, will be completed by early 2014.

Over the years the temple has paid up approximately RM 1.05 Million for the new temple basic structure and part of the Stabathi’s cost. To raise the balance sum of money required for the completion of this monumental project is a challenging tasks  but we do not think it’s a major issue considering the affluence level of the Kemuning Valley residents .  For Hindus it is very important that they must reside in an area where there must be a temple for their religious obligations. Since this is the only temple in their township it is vitally important for all Hindus to be part of the temple project and receive the blessings of the Almighty Sri Maha Mari Amman of this temple.